02.04.2019: Seminar on Internet Privacy at ETH Zurich

The University for Science and Technology Zurich hosts a Seminar on "Internet Privacy" which will take place between April 5 and 6, 2019.

The interdisciplinary seminar examines the different approaches to internet privacy and the legal framework of data protection in Europe and the US, focuses on potential threats and benefits of business models of internet companies, and discusses practice and strategies for private enforcement of privacy policies.

The speakers:

David Basin (ETH, Professor of Computer Science, Information Security Group)

Stefan Bechtold (ETH, Center for Law & Economics, Professor of Law, Intellectual Property)

Petra Leupold (Chief Lawyer of the Austrian Consumer Protection Agency, Editor in Chief of the Journal for Consumer Law and lecturer at University of Vienna Law Faculty)

Florencia Marrotta-Wurgler (NYU Law School, Professor of Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, E-Commerce and Law & Economics)

Florent Thouvenin (UZH, Professor of Law, Information and Communication Law)

Dr. Uli Sachs (Senior Product Counsel at Google Switzerland)

Alexander Stremitzer (ETH, Center for Law & Economics, Professor of Law, Economics, and Business)

Kevin Tobia (ETH, Center for Law & Economics)

Find the detailed agenda here for download.

von links nach rechts: Stefan Bechtold (ETH), Florent Thouvenin (UZH), Alexander Stremitzer (ETH), Florencia Marotta-Wurgler (NYU), Petra Leupold (VKI), Uli Sachs (Google Switzerland), Jens Frankenreiter (MPI)